IMG_20160426_003542My name is Trisha Glezen.  I recently graduated from SUNY Empire State College with a Bachelors in Business Management and Economics. Previously I had acquired a certificate of Office Technologies at Broome Community College. I currently work for SUNY Binghamton University in the Biomedical Engineering Department. As Graduate Director Secretary and Department Chair Assistant, I am responsible for numerous projects and assignments to help faculty and students throughout the day. Example projects include assisting with interested graduate applicants, registering students, maintaining the Biomedical Engineering Department website, creating a brochure/newsletter to distribute globally, creating and maintaining a department Facebook and Twitter account, assisting with the Senior Design project teams, creating and submitting an alumni survey while compiling the results, and coordinating the various events such as graduate orientation, special presenters/guest speakers, and graduation ceremonies. Arranging for travel, preparing reimbursements, maintaining and ordering supplies for the department have been part of my duties at Binghamton University. I have also created and maintained several databases and electronic filing systems for the department. I am assisting with education planning, registering students, inputting course building for classes, and answering questions in regards to the department majors. Scheduling meetings, creating agendas, and taking meeting minutes is also be a duty of mine. I continue to take on various roles to help support the department and it’s mission for higher, advanced education.

I  transferred from the NYS Office of Mental Health, Greater Binghamton Health Center where I worked in Plant Facilities in 2014. At the OMH I worked in an office setting for Plant Facilities. I had a wide variety of responsibilities as the secretary to four supervisors responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the GBHC hospital campus. I supplied aid to the supervisors by scheduling their meetings, maintaining their paperwork, taking both phone and mail correspondence and messages for them. I was responsible for time and attendance and performance evaluations of 36 employees along with greeting the public, receiving work requests/issues via phone, mail, fax, or email. I coordinated a resolution to the issue by dispatching the proper individual to fix the problem. This can include work for carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, masons, HVAC, grounds, transportation, garage, or power plant employees. I maintained personal employee paperwork, facility paperwork required to stay in compliance with OMH, tracked special funded projects from Albany, reviewed and maintain purchasing logs, tracked project costs, created, reviewed, and input work orders, life safety deficiency tracking, and input environmental rounds findings on the OMH website.  I also assisted the business office, personnel department, and transportation department with various tasks.

I was also employed by JP Morgan Chase & Co., a major commercialized financial bank, although I will soon be starting to branch my career in administration for New York State at SUNY Upstate Medical University.  I previously worked as a Licensed Veterinary Technician where I did everything from perform surgeries, medicate animals, and provide support to their owners in their care.  I was a member of the NYS Association of Veterinary Technicians, which promoted the advancement of my career. I enjoyed this career although found I needed to expand into the business aspect of this career path.

I enjoy many activities that involve the outdoors and physical health.  I have become a skilled hunter and fisherman, and find this interaction with animals to be very rewarding.  I also have found both the physical and mental benefits of being physically fit to be very beneficial.  Currently I have lost 120 pounds four years ago with the aid of my new desire to stay in shape and eat healthy.  By changing my lifestyle I have furthered expand my opportunity to participate in physical activities that include kayaking, lifting, swimming, biking, and hiking.

JEEPS! Although I have many passions in life, Jeeps have stood out as my most favorable enjoyment. I bought a stock Jeep Wrangler JK a year old and slowly have made modifications as I needed them. A fun little commuter vehicle slowly turned in to a passion that I have yet to lose enjoyment in. I currently wheel it on the weekends, participating in mud bog events, rock crawling courses, forming an exclusive Jeep family of friends. I have been to SEMA in Las Vegas, wheeled in Nevada as part of a Co-Driver Challenge, and have been invited to over a dozen Jeep shows in the North East. My passion for anything Jeep has turned from being a simple weekend hobby, in to a massive part of my life! You can read more on my Jeep life on my page, “Jeep Build Page!”.

Overall I enjoy many different fields of work and would love to find a career that equally shared my desires and skills.  Due to my personality and drive, I will always be expanding my opportunities for success by experimenting with different career paths and trying new activities.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions that you may have.  Feel free to check out my ePortfolio for more information about me as well.


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